Missouri Marketing CO

Now days starting a business has gotten easier and easier. Anyone guy with the tools can start a roofing business or any type of blue collar work. It just is not that hard anymore. This has created a problem for the excising businesses that have been doing the same thing for the last several years running their businesses off of referrals only. The more people that are in your market the less referrals you will get.  I have a solution to you but you have to go to the bottom of the page.


If you are running a median size business over the last ten years you have used tv, newspaper and radio ads. This has probably helped you get to were you are here today. Tv ads have been great for middle age consumers watching their local news and they see your face a few times and you know what. when they need your service they will probably use you. That is great. you get that job but now less and less people are watching tv and moving on to live streaming  which cost a ton of money to run ads on. If you have been running newspaper advertising you probably get the people who reads the sports section and they call you. This is becoming less and less common because the online blogs or even news stations that have moved online. Now we have the radio strategy its basally just like tv there are live streaming custom playlist that people use on there phones. All of these systems are obsolete and do not work you need to change and change fast.


What we do here at Missouri Marketing co is none of these tactics. We dominate the internet. Every single aspect of it we are experts at it all.

Lets start with our adwords service. We go deep into research to understand your business and your perfect clients identity. We define the area you want to take over weather it is local national or world wide. This is huge you an grow a lot faster and we can track every little detail so we know what works and does not so we can focus on what works.

Next we love FB ads for our businesses. This is taking advertising to the next level. When people want to waste time the get on social media and the relax. We can position our ads to peak there interest them at this time. This is the most popular and newest form of advertising. Its huge and growing fast you have to stay on your toes with fb ads.

Another service we offer is search engine optimization. This is a slower more long term service but we highly recommend  implementing it into your advertising budget. What we do here is figure out how people are finding your organically and optimize it. We make it very easy for people to find you even if they are not trying to. This is awesome and once it is set up it works until someone knocks you off the top.

These three thing are our bred and butter. When we get a client that uses all three we really dig deep and dominate the entire industry. We are the number one marketing company in Kansas city and Missouri as a whole. We are helping business grow extremely fast at a rate they could never do without us.